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Pu'er Tea is produced in the Xishuang Banna and Simao Areas of Yunnan Province. Early in the Tang Dynasty there were Pu'er Tea traded to Qing-hai and Tibet Areas. Pu'er Tea was named after the government office of Pu'er which had been a tea processing and trading center.
Pu'er tealeaves are piled to be fermented. The glossy black or brownish red tealeaves are stout and tight. It tastes sweet and mellow and there is a gust of fragrance greeting people. The Pu'er Tea has a lot of health efficacy such as reducing the fat, bacteriostaties, aiding digestion, dispelling the effects of alcohol and relieving internal heat or fever.
In recent years, drinking Pu'er Tea becomes fashionable for a time in Europe and Japan. And many functional good names are given to Pu'er Tea such as cosmetology tea, tea of reducing fat, tea of prolonging life and so on.
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