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Taiwan Oolong

It is the Taiwan Oolong whose degree of fermentation is the heaviest. Originafly coming from Fujian Province, the Taiwan Oolong is now produced in north Taiwan. It has over a-hundred-year history of exporting. The Taiwan Oolong uses the high quality material of each leaf with a bud or two leaves with a bud. The bud is stout and has fine white hair on it. The tea stripes are in three colors of red, yellow and white. The tea water appears amber and orange, and there is red edge on the spread leaf.
The flavor of the Taiwan Oolong gains high praises in the world market. People name it "Champagne Oolong" or "East Beauty". Taiwan Oolong can be blended with drops of brandy and the flavor becomes different.
It is said that a hunter named Hu Liang produced the Hu Liang Tea according to the principle of fermentation making out sweet-scent. Hu Liang and Oolong were of the same pronunciation in the dialect, so people called it Oolong tea by mistake.
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