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Jasmine Tea

Jasmine Tea belongs to the reproduced tea and is well received in north China. The producing area is vast and the top-grade teas are mainly produced in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Fujian Provinces. People fumigate processed green tea with jasmine in the bud of hot season. The raw materials of the most popular perfumed tea are cured green tea and jasmine. The stripes are tight and thin, neat and well spaced. Its color is brownish black. The fragrance lasts long and the taste is mellow. Sometimes people use the famous Longjing Tea and Maofeng Tea as raw materials, thus, make the higher grade perfumed teas.
The jasmine teas of superior quality are the Big Pekoe of Jasmine Tea, Pekoe of Tianshan Mountain, Jasmine in the bud of Jiangsu Province and the Spring Breeze of Jasmine Tea.

There are three methods to appreciate the jasmine tea as follows:
First, the fragrance will be fresh, but not old and oppressive;
Second, the fragrance will be strong and rich, but not thin and light;
Third, the fragrance will be pure, but not confused, and both the fragrance and taste will match well.
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