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Tie Guanyin Tea

Tie Guanyin (Iron Goddess) Tea has another name of Red Heart Tea or Red Looking Tea. It is produced in the west mountain area of Anxi County in Fujian Province' - the Tie Guanyin Tea is a famous variety of Oolong. Tie Guanyin was originally the name of tea tree, and now the processed tea continues to use this name. In the Tang Dynasty, the people of Anxi area began to plant tea trees, and the planting was prosperous in the Ming Dynasty. The tea was sold well to the Southern and Eastern Asian markets and gained the international prizes for many times. In 1982, it was selected the national high-quality production and even became the number one.
The stripe of the tealeaf is rolled up and sturdy. It has a greenish blue base, green belly and the head is in the shape of a dragonfly. There are red dots and white frosting on the surface of the leaves. The brewed water is golden, rich and gaudy. It gives off a rich perfurne and the taste is sweet and mellow. You may savor the flavor by the method of Gongfu Tea, which is time-consuming and needs a special tea set.
There was a tea planter named Wei Yin living at Shangyao Town of the Anxi Area. He drew the Oolong tea to enshrine the Goddess every morning and evening. He persisted in doing this for ten years. One night he dreamed that there was a tea tree on the mountain cliff giving off a whiff of strange fragrance. The next day he climbed mountain and really found the tea tree in his dream. Since the Goddess had appeared in his dream, people there named the tree "Iron Goddess".
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