chinese tea festival 2007

Presentations of rare Chinese Tea's
and Tea Ceremonies from all over the world

Since Tea became one of the most common drinks in the world,
tea-drinking has a long tradition and is now an integral part of many cultures.

The Chinese Tea Festival 2007
is held at three locations in the Netherlands,
from March 6 through 10, 2007

March 6 - 7 from 12:00 till 18:00 at INPROC at the Denneweg 143 in The Hague.

March 8th from 20:00 till late at the the Women in Paradise festival in Paradiso, Amsterdam and

March 9 - 10 from 12:00 till 18:00 at Wijs & Zonen at their new location: Zeedijk 43


Organized by the city's Tea Culture House,
the 5-day event features tea ceremonies, performances and lectures
about tea ceremonies from around the world, including the elaborate Chinese tea customs and traditions.

This will be again a great event for everyone interested in ceremony and tea lovers, specialists and amateurs.
We hope to greet you all at the Amsterdam Chinese Tea Festival 2007!

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